Wednesday, January 18, 2012

24 Weeks, 1 Day

Letters from Pa, Part V


Dear Son,

Thanks for moving around A LOT over the last couple days. What a great way to keep your mother at ease.  We have been busy (shocking) lately and are looking forward to seeing you soon, hopefully providing us some down time to lead into the summer.

Since I last wrote, you now have an older cousin... she is quite the little lady. I think the two of you will have a good time playing with one another. Mom and I had another appointment on Monday to listen to your heartbeat (153 bpm), not too shabby! We go back in a month for another follow up and start taking classes on Wednesday nights to learn how to do things during delivery and post-birth.

I don't have too many words of wisdom to share this time around, just thought I'd drop a line. According to our tracker, your due date is 111 days away, which is crazy! This weekend is NFL conference championship weekend, 49ers/Giants and Patriots/Ravens. I look forward to watching next year with you when it's the Browns.

I start more classes next week too. I'll be down at the Warren County Career Center, Tuesdays & Thursdays, all the way up to your birthday! That will make the time go by even quicker.

We haven't had much weather either, keep your little fingers crossed for that. Yesterday was really windy, but aside from that, we haven't felt winters wrath to date.

Take care and happy growing!



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