Saturday, January 14, 2012

23 weeks, 4 days

I didn't take a picture this week, so I'll just put that out there now.  Maybe I'll feel motivated to next week...

I've been going through moments of total overwhelm-ment lately.  I was in the nursery just a bit ago and began panicking at the lack of nursery that existed.  I don't mean room size either... I mean the fact that we have a bassinet, some clothes, and diapers... and that's it. In the grand scheme, I suppose that could get us by for a minute.

Here's what I'm talking about...

My current diaper stash.

My naked nursery + bassinet (which won't even stay in here!).

View of closet from windowed wall side of nursery.

We're not painted, we're not furnitured, nothing!  I'm a planner and this lack-of-a-plan is not working out.  In my dreams I have the whole nursery finished so that I can tackle the other areas of my life to get ready for nugget's arrival.  I know I have a few months (like, um, 3), but that honestly sounds super short.  Ohmygosh, that's SO short!!!

Aside from not feeling prepared, I am SO excited to have this baby.  I can't imagine what he'll look like.  Will he look more like me or Adam?  Will he have light hair or dark hair (or no hair)?  Blue eyes or green eyes?  Will he help turn me into the morning person I wish to be?  Will he be a good sleeper?  Will he be Lucy's best friend?  I just can't wait to find out!


  1. Don't worry about the nursery, you are doing fine gathering stuff and ideas in your head. We have only removed the old carpetting and old wallpaper, so we're even more behind! We ordered our furniture though, it will arrive at the end of Feb (which is fine time-wise but still made my mind race oh-my-god-that's-too-late-what if baby-comes-too-soon) so it gives us time to get the room ready. I started buying outifts at Christmas sales but since baby will be a summer baby I didn't buy much.

    Let's look at it this way, if you buy one baby-related-item every week from now on, your little nugget will still be spoiled rotten. Are you planning on crafting and DIY-ing? Check out the Project Nursery website, it's adorable and good for your 'addiction'.

    Okay, take a deep breath now.

  2. mg,
    Thanks for the calm voice of reason. I know it'll come together... I'm just impatient. I love the Project Nursery site... lots of cool ideas, most of them beyond my capacity, but still cool nonetheless. ;)