Thursday, November 10, 2011

14 weeks, 2 days

Let me start by telling you this post is coming from my iPhone... Sorry if there are any random words (thank you auto correct!).

Yesterday I announced my pregnancy at work, and I think the grandmas added their baby carriage charms to their Pandora bracelets. Holly and Katie made the cutest handouts and they were out on display on tables at our staff meeting (I'll try to get a picture into this post). I was congratulated and it was a great feeling.

And maybe this is TMI, but I think I felt a teeny contraction just a few minutes ago when I stood up. My whole lower belly cramped and felt hard. According to my sources (Phone apps, lol) contractions are normal, so no freaking out here.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with Amy and Kim. It's been nice having girl nights with them here in Springboro.

My thumbs are tired... Have a good one!
PS- I tried to add a picture but it looks like I have to be on a real computer. Doh!

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